CK architects was founded by architect Park Chang-kwon. He was educated at Inha university and Inha graduate school. After graduation, he worked interior & architeture works of various sizes and ‌purposes in Kengo Kuma & Associates and chohelo A+U, THE_SYSTEM LAB, DAVO architects. In the process of making building, a many variables require a close conversation between the user(‌client) and the architect. These variables give ‌the opportunity to ‌trace memories in various experiences to user. On the other hand, if things go wrong, it can make to overlook the nature of the building and overstep it. It can come from a battle between the expression of the combined memory and the legal basis. CK architects is an architectural group that looks for ways to coordinate complex situations, select users ' memories, and provide new links to memory.


interior design

concept proposal
space renewal 


architectural design

review development size & law
schematic design
design development & construction design



design supervision
construction supervision
CM (Construction Management)
VE (Value Engineering)